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Sorensen's Guide is a comprehensive resource for the consumer on how to evaluate and operate powerboats. We help you learn how to evaluate a powerboat, at the dock and at sea, for its suitability for your use and ownership. We also help you to get to the next level in boat operation, whether boat handling around the dock, or piloting and navigating at sea.

Owner Eric Sorensen is well regarded internationally as a powerboat authority. His background includes 24 years of U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy operational at-sea service, as well as experience operating and analyzing many hundreds of commercial and recreational craft. Eric's unique balance of academic training and operational experience provide the ability to communicate a highly technical subject clearly to a client or lay audience.

We understand fully that sound knowledge is paramount in making any informed decision which is why our mission is clear:

"Provide introductory and “graduate-level” powerboat evaluation
and operation guidance to the boating public that is interactive,
engaging and beneficial to the consumer."



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